Thrill rides

playland super flightMinimum Height: 50"
Soar through the air like never before! Super Flight treats its riders to a constant change in positive and negative G-force and accelerations, with swooping turns, breathtaking drops and two zero gravity rolls - creating the incredible sensation of weightlessness!
playland derby racer

Minimum Height: 54"
One of only two known original rides of this type remain in the U.S.  Galloping at 25 miles per hour, the horses imitate the motion of real steeple chase steeds.

DOUBLE SHOT(H), handicap accessibleSTARSHIP 2000(H) 
playland double shotMinimum Height: 52"
This vertical ride rockets you up an 85-foot tower in less than two seconds and before you can enjoy the breathtaking views, shoots you back down to the bottom at a negative one G Force.  All of this is repeated for double the thrills!
playland starship 2000

Minimum Height: 42"
While standing inside this rotating platform, the floors fall from beneath you as you remain stuck on the wall from the force of this dizzying ride. 

playland dragon coaster Minimum Height: 48"
This famous roller coaster has been captivating people for over 80 years. With over 3,400 feet of track you’ll plunge into a 128-foot drop and be hurled into the mouth of the now fire-breathing Dragon! Designated a landmark coaster by the American Coaster Enthusiast in 2009.
playland the whip

Minimum Height: 42"

A favorite of many generations of park visitors.  Get whipped around as you travel through an oval track while turning 180 degrees.

playland plungeMinimum Height:44"
38"- 44" must ride with an adult
Splash down as a passenger boat drops you 50 feet into a pool.  Riders get soaked once again as they watch from the bridge to exit the ride
playland thunderbolt

Minimum Height: 42" 

Groove to hip-hop sounds as you're hurled around, up and down, and then enjoy it all over again, in reverse.



playland log flumeHeight Restrictions:
Min - 48"
42-48" must ride with an adult
Cool down on those hot, summer days and splash through a 1,150-foot chute filled with 170,000 gallons of water
playland wipeoutHeight Restrictions: Min - 42"
Imagine being on top of a giant quarter spinning around on the ground.  Well that's how you'll feel on this revolving, bobbing ride
playland yo yo

Min - 42"

Like the fanciful flight of a whirlwind, the Yo-Yo spins riders through the sky, creating a delightful feeling of freedom. This fun ride dangles riders in swings for high-flying action.

playland go kartsHeight
Restrictions: Minimum Height
56" to drive
36 to 56" with adult

Drive around a race track in your own speeding mini-car

playland catch a waveMinimum Height
48" (42" - 48" with adult)

Get whisked away on this high-speed rotating platform thrill ride!  Hundreds of flashing strobe lights, and speeds up to an amazing 20 revolutions per minute, will torque up the fun and excitement!

Playland Sky FlyerHeight
Restrictions:Min. 52”,

If you dare to be strapped into this ride, you'll swing back and forth like a giant pendulum, higher and higher, until you start flying around in full circles.

playland crazy mouse


Min - 48"

Go for the ride of your life as you glide around hairpin turns on this wild mouse ride




All Thrill Rides are 5 or 6 points each.

(H) - Rides permitting headgear
(I) - Infants & non-walking children may ride with parent/guardian.
- Indicates Handicap Accessible ride (please see Disabled Rider info here)