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The Sani Sport machine
cleans and sanitizes
sports equipment & protective gear.

Using Sani Sport will help to protect your players from staph infections and other serious medical conditions associated with sports equipment.

Your player's equipment is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungus. Organisms enter the body through cuts and abrasions and can cause serious infections. 

If your equipment smells awful, it has already been infested with these foul contaminants. Simply airing out equipment does little to combat the health risk.

Item   Reg. Price With Coupon!
Hockey gear   $30 $15.00
Goalie gear   $40 $20.00
Football gear   $30 $15.00
Equipment bag   $10 $5.00
Lacrosse gear   $30 $15.00
Catchers' gear   $30 $15.00
Soccer/Baseball/Softball   $15 $7.50
Skates/Sneakers/Cleats   $10 $5.00
Helmet   $10 $5.00

Special group discounts for teams can be arranged, please inquire at the Manager's office.